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zuchons Puppies also known as shichon puppies, these are designer puppies, We also carry the true teddy bear puppy bichon-poo and shihtzu!, we have eruo linage's such as the Imperial teddy bears, and sometimes have ether Ewaoks a new designer dog 1/2 true teddy bear and 1/2 teacup yorkie or  Micro and teacup Yorkshire Terriers.

As far as combing and grooming go, I am not a professional, as you can see on my site. just look at the teddy bear dams and sire.

But what i do know, with the teddy bear and shichon breeds they don't shed so you need to comb them almost daily or they matt. also they hate that wire brush! just get a few plastic black combs. they like those.
make sure you bath them weekly use a good oatmeal bath, don't use cheep stuff you don't want to dry out there hair.

make sure you brush there teeth, clip there nails, and pull the hair out of there ears. all this stuff can be bought at petco or walmart.

the teddy bear breed and the shichon both grow there hair back all the time, so if you give them a bad cut don't stress, it'll grow back, and it will get better. Let them smell the stuff your using, and ok it, talk to them and pet them, take it slowly and make it an enjoyable experience.

you ll notice after they are done they'll prance around and showoff to the other dogs.

The grooming PDF set on our website is not mine, or i would offer it free. but it dose have some great pointers.

you can always send them to a stranger and they would look better. but i find it more comfortable and rewarding on both sides to try yourself, plus you save tons of money.


This page explains the in depth development we put into each of our  hybrid puppies. the zuchon (shichon) mix. teddy Bear puppies, and sometimes micro yorkie or ewaoks.

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Our hybrid zuchons (shichons) teddy bear puppies, Ewoaks and Micro Yorkies all have discounts available! that's right! find out how you can get one here!
All of our puppies come registered. The micro and teacup Yorkies are  APRI registered. and the TeddyBears and Ewoaks are IDCR. The designer Breeds such as the Teddy Bear - Shichon or Ewoak also come with a registration into our own database and a document of the lineages within its bloodline.

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Whelping Tools & Tips

Breeding a dog is an amazing experience, every time one of my dogs is pregnant i get so excited, i get them puppy vitamins, baby oil there tummy's, me and my kids get to feel the babies moved and coo them in the dams belly, i tickle there belly and talk to them, and squeal when the puppies move, it get mommy so excited!

Then comes the the puppy day!
when its getting close about day 58 i start taking the dams temperature every morning and night, it well be from 101 to mid 99's once it hits in the 98's i know its time. it can be anywhere from around 24 hours from the drop. they tend to have them at the worse times, 12am - 4am. but they can have them any time.

everybody starts jumping, we get the nursery ready - toys, baby blankets, bedding, cleaning ex.

set up a whelping spot in my room. (all our dogs come to my home during late pregnancy and during the litters raising "my mom and dad own two of our teddy's. )

in the whelping spot we need, towels, a bowl of warm water, scissors, ice for mommy. and a bed for me to lay by her, it can take forever, so sometimes at night i need to sleep on the floor with my baby having babies.

then comes the time the start pushing!
if the baby doesn't come out fully ( in yorkies because of there structure) i lift the back side of the vagina and carefully role it up till i see legs (only do this if its butt first!) then i carefully lift the legs out, and roll the Virgina again til the head pops out. don't leave them in and wait for mom to push! i lost one of Katie's pups on my first Yorkie litter, i thought mommy would push her out!

once the baby is out while mommy is cleaning her, rip open the sack my the mouth, and take your towel and rub its nose gently till she breaths, then rub her with the towel on her side softly to get her moving then leave the rest to mom, if the mom has the placenta still in her after 20 minutes go ahead and cut the cord away from baby. and give the baby to mom to finish up. if she doesn't push out the placenta you can slowly tug on the cord till it falls out, but never force anything in labor!

then a few hour after they have rested put them in the nursery which must be warm. not hot or cold.

with every puppy my heart jumps! with every litter i find new love, my children learn from every litter as well and have a great family bonding experience. breeding is nothing short of one of gods miracles. please don't abuse a heaven sent gift, and embrace it for all its grace!

for more information about breeding and pregnancy calenders please visit

Designer "Teddy Bear" Puppies!
Hybrid Shichons and Hybrid Teddy Bears.
We also have Micro & teacup Yorkshire Terriers (yorkies) too!

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Here are a few necessary Ebooks you'll need when buying a Teddy Bear puppy or zuchon aka shichon or similar breed, The Shichons and teddy bears need to be groomed once every few months, and their face needs trimming at least once a month, these designer teddy bears have amazingly soft long hair, but need to be maintenance which can cost $30, $40, $50 or more every time you take your puppy to the groomer. Sure, your shichon or Teddy Bear is worth every penny, and we all know how important proper grooming is to a dog's health and good looks, but let's face it -- that's a lot of money isn't it? It's also a hassle to make the appointment, and run out to the groomers once to drop off your shichons or Teddy Bear and again to pick up your shichon, not even to mention the time away from you and with strangers, sitting in a cage waiting on their turn, upset the poor shichon as well.

That's why I'm so excited about Dog Grooming Made Easy: How to groom your Shichon or Teddy Bear at home. It's an insider's tell-all book that takes you step-by-step through the process of grooming any dog.

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  • They're afraid that they'll give their dog a "bad haircut" and make it look funny.

  • They're simply afraid that they don't have the skills to get the job done.

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Maybe you're still a bit nervous. Maybe you're still thinking that grooming your own dog is beyond your abilities. I know that you can do it, but let me prove it to you.

Dog Grooming Made Easy:
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