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We offer a $100.00 discount, for Blood Donation, you must show proof of donation. https://www.commitforlife.org/gcrbc/login.php

We offer a $200.00 discount, for Bone Marrow Donation, you must show proof of donation.

We offer a $100.00 discount, for 8 hours of volunteer work at your nearest humane or Animal Shelter! You must show proof of recent work during the adoption process. 

For an adoption of a animal in a shelter we offer a $100.00 discount, you must show proof of adoption.

We offer a $100.00 discount, for Military Dependants, Or law Enforcement Field, Its just our way of saying thanks for keeping America safe, and helping others.

We offer a $100.00 senior discount.

FREE Pick of the litter! for disabled children, (Please Note: Our list is long, so there is a year or two waiting list and only sever cases can be accepted.Click Here for more information


AKC PARTI Yorkshire Terriers! The American Biewer Yorkshire Terrier


If the breeder can not give you photos of mom and dad and weekly photos of your puppy its most likely because THEY ARE A MILL! A mill dose not have time to take good care of the puppies and then take weekly photos to show you the puppy growing. DO NOT ADOPT FROM SOMEONE WHO CANNOT SEND YOU A WEEKLY PHOTOS OF YOUR PUPPY, OR A PET STORE

Mills well hide behind websites. There is very convincing marketing such as reputable breeder clubs they pay a monthly membership to post the logo on the site, but never have the kennel looked at, or home. Also they can post anti mill slogans on the site and even get vicious with other breeders, but be a mill its self hiding behind a website.

The only sure fire way is to insist you want photos of mom and dad, photos as the puppy grows each week, and want the photos to be in there home or yard. Mills or kennels do not have the time to do this for every puppy. We don't believe you should buy from a KENNEL OR MILL, both keep dogs in cages, one is just a cleaner version, please only buy from a free roaming puppy ranch, home breeder, rescue, or shelter.  

This page explains the in depth development we put into each of our  hybrid puppies. the zuchon (shichon) mix. teddy Bear puppies, and sometimes micro yorkie or ewaoks. Holistic Puppy Care Hybrid designer puppy dog breeder References

Donation Puppies!
One puppy from each litter (Pick Of The Litter!)
is donated to a disabled child free of charge!
Please visit our Donation + Fosters page by clicking the photo

Support House Bill's 2116 and 1451!

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tiny teddy bear dog

Why Teddy Bears or Shichon Hybrids? Why pick a teddy bear puppy?
Out of all the designer puppies out there today why should you pick a "teddy bear".

Teddy bears and shichons are a blend of happy, playful curiosity, and sweet, mellow and lots of affection.
They were originally bred for the disabled, so they could squeeze and love on them and get love in return instead of a nip or struggle.
This is a social mix, great with kids, and great with your kids' friends. They are quite sturdy, quite comfortable and happy to play with young children.
Teddy bears are extremely affectionate and have a happy temperament.
The shichon hybrids are not high strung like most small dogs and has a rag doll feel to it, when picked up or cuddled.
Teddy bears and (shichons) hybrid hair is long, very soft, and virtually hypo-allergenic.
As an adult shichons will weigh around 20 pounds, an adult Teddy Bears will weigh from 10-12 pounds depending on bloodline, usually around 10 pounds. The Euro combanation we offer can be as small as 6 & 7 pounds!
To learn more about teddy bears and hybrid zuchons Please visit our FAQ or for shichons visit www.dogbreedinfo.com/shichon.htm


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