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Micro & Teacup Parti, Gold & Chocolate Yorkshire Terriers Designer Teddy Bear Puppies!
Hybrid Teddy Bear & Yorkies Ewoaks
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Designer "Teddy Bear" Puppies!
Hybrid Teddy Bear & Yorkies "Ewoaks"
Micro & Teacup Parti, Gold & Chocolate Yorkshire Terriers "Yorkies"


Full Grown Reg. Fuzzy Puppy Love Teddy Bear

Texas Located Papered Teddy Bear Puppy From freckels litter "imperial Blood Line!"

Our Puppies are registered second and third generation Teddy Bears (F2 + F3's).

Not only are our Puppies 100% "True Teddy Bear" (Except maisy's puppies - later zuchons or shichons were called teddy bears, because they are part shichon) but they are the only Mediterranean and Imperial bloodline zuchon hybrid mix , that we know of in the market. We carry two bloodlines among our litters, one has standard shichon and Mediterranean "Teddy Bear" Bloodline, and the other has Mediterranean "TeddyBear" and Imperial "TeddyBear" bloodlines.

Our breeding process include Euro bloodlines which are.....

The Sire

The Mediterranean Teddy Bear. The Mediterranean *Teddy Bear (a Hybrid Zuchon "aka shichon" The true teddy bear mix Bichon-poo & Shih tzu). So in our case the Bichon is Mediterranean Bichon which is the euro linage. his father being Mediterranean bichon-poo, a smaller bichon with Euro features, such as, button eyes, thinner snout, softer hair, and long silky tail hair.

Bichon poodle shihztu mix known as a teddy bear

F1 - meaning first generation True Teddy Bear (later shichons were nicknamed teddy bears).

The Dams

The Imperial *Teddy Bear (a Hybrid Zuchon "aka shichon" The true teddy bear mix Bichon-poo & Shih tzu). So in our case the Imperial is the euro linage. Which is Imperial Shihtzu blood lines, The teacups of Shihtzu, an average shihtzu weighs about 20 pounds, and just like yorkies that weigh about 8 pounds the shihtzu also has a smaller version just as the teacup yorkies do. To read more about imperial shihtzu click here.

F2 (second generation True Teddy Bear) with imperial shih tzu on the fathers side to provide us with Euro features, such as, the baby doll face and "Ewoak" (on Star Wars) like features, with smaller size of course.

Papered Teddy Bear Puppies!
With Euro & Imperial bloodlines!

All of fuzzy puppy love mommies and daddy are on this page, find out about masiy our shichon, and rover our Mediterranean TeddyBear, meni and freckles our Imperial "Teddy Bear"  bloodline, dont forget katie our teacup Yorkie!

The combination of these Euro lineages results in a compact, button eyed fluff of love as shown in the puppy below from a past litter, also shown is an adult from the same parents. Most Teddy Bears weigh an average of 12 pounds, Ours are from 7-10 with just a few that reach 12 pounds.

Imperial Shihtzu bichon poodle mixFull Grown eruo linage bichon poodle shihztu

The Shichon Dam

Our shichon, We do breed one shichon to the teddy bear sire, (a shichon is a bichon-shihtzu mix) while the shichons weigh about 20 pounds, the mix with the TeddyBear weighs an average of 14 pounds. but we do get some about 9 pounds. Maisy was chosen for her blue coloring and strong genetic coding in great facial structure, giving her the round teddy bear face, and her BIG baby doll eyes.


While Maisys puppies can not be registered like the teddy bear do to the percentage of breed standards, her puppies are adopted at a lower price, and they have gorgeous BIG BABY DOLL EYES. as shown below in a past puppy photo and adult puppy photo from her past litters.

Shihztu bichon teddybear mixShihztu Bichon poodle shichon mixShihztu Bichon poodle shichon mix

d other programs we run.

Our puppies have healthy family lines, and are guaranteed. We give them lots and lots of love from the moment they are born so you get um extra affectionate and really floppy!

Dont forget we also have a development process, we work on sense the day they are born, derived from such elements as, child stimulation, eye coordination, physical development, socializing and more, please click on a puppy in the nursery and look under UPDATE: to see the process laid out during there weekly photos and videos!


What Is F1, F2, F3 ....?

First Generation "F1", Second "F2" and so on...

The best generation wise is any after F3, which improves consistency and stabilizes the gene structure. Now there is some controversy over this, but its really just misleading information, as with any aspect of your dogs health or temperament you should always do your home work and research the breed, be aware some breeders may mislead you, ask questions if the answers don't sound right, then find one that dose. the best bet is dictionary sites that do not breed, search hybrid vigor, and search inbreeding, and click the dictionary links, that's the most reliable way to retrieve untempered information.

In all reality the more generations, the better and healthier the hybrid or designer dog. The genes, for one are more spread. A lot of purebreds have high recessive genes due to inbreeding. but the thing is, due to the supply of designer dogs, a lot of designer dog breeders inbreed, in this case each generation is by far worse. so it depends on the breeder.

That's one of the reasons you need a registered or pedigree for your dog. So this way you know the family linage, and have the security of healthy lines. Most designer breeders do not register, so they do get away with it. Alot of adopters think well I'm not going to breed, so why do i need papers? Well that's why, so be sure your puppy isn't inbred. its unmoral, and unhealthy.

Anyways due to the fact there are more designer breeders out there inbreeding, That give the first generation the stats to say that, and perhaps they just really don't know about the hybrid vigor, but if the pup is registered, or isn't inbred, the hybrid vigor overrules, allowing more vast genery, and healthy dominate genes.

Besides Hybrid Vigor, reducing recessive genes and expanding the DNA coding of the purebred ancestry, another advantage of a F3 or later generation is the consistency. New hybrids can have dominate genes such as the under bite of the shih tzu become more prominent. Where a hybrid dog after several generations has become stable and more consistent, giving it a very sturdy structure.

Also not all mix dogs are hybrid, a hybrid dog was carefully planned with certain traits in mind. Such as the teddy bear for its fur, markings, colors, sturdiness and temperament.


Full Grown Shichon-Teddy Mix, The bigger Bloodline.
At 2 Years Old.
With Our Development Process,
& the Information we provide you with your puppy for training.
& Your Continuance in the Development and Care.

Please Continue with the Development of your new puppy,
We put in alot of time and care into our babies.
& as you can see it really makes a Difference!

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One puppy from each litter (Pick Of
This page explains the in depth development we put into each of our  hybrid puppies. the zuchon (shichon) mix. teddy Bear puppies, and sometimes micro yorkie or ewaoks. Holistic Puppy Care Hybrid designer puppy dog breeder References
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True TeddyBear Puppies

True Teddy Bear Puppies, Watch them play and grow, Weekly Photos and Videos!

Hybrid Shichon Nursery
"Teddy Bear Puppies"

The Daddy & The Mommies!

Learn more about the sire of our Designer Teddy Bear Puppies, watch him sneak off into the lake we live on and go swimming.

Mediterranean Sire, Shi-chon & TeddyBear Dams

The Puppy Process!

Both the Bichon and the Shih Tzu are very social dogs, and the mix is every bit as social. To learn more about these rag doll babies and the in depth development ...

Puppy Process ?


What do you guarantee? Why are the female shichons more? how much is shipping?
and other answers...

FAQ's About Our Teddy Bears

Humane Center Fostering

We are happy to announce that we are foster parents of the HUMANE SOCIETY in Montgomery Tx, want to see our fosters get well and go home?

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Our Teddy Bear Puppys are family raised, they are excellent with children, and are very well socialized..

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