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Papered Teddy Bear Puppy From freckels litter "imperial Blood Line!"

Each of our TeddyBears, Ewoaks or Yorkie Puppies Receives...

• An Examination by a Veterinarian, and Top Quality Shipping Carrier

(With Shipping Only)

• First two sets of Shots, Deworming

• Bloodline Linage Document & Registration

• Life Time Phone and Email Support, & Database Recording for any reason such as vet transfers ex.

• A CD of your puppys weekly photos, Video of your Chioce, and Tips on Potty Training, Puppy Training, socializing, and Much Much More, so your new puppys Super Development dosent stop here!

• Weekly Updates with photos, video, and weekly updates on the steps we take to socialize your new puppy and the puppy's development. Also the puppies page is allways kept up with a link under the nurserys slider as a keepsake page.

If the breeder can not give you photos of mom and dad and weekly photos of your puppy its most likely because THEY ARE A MILL! A mill dose not have time to take good care of the puppies and then take weekly photos to show you the puppy growing.
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This page explains the in depth development we put into each of our  hybrid puppies. the zuchon (shichon) mix. teddy Bear puppies, and sometimes micro yorkie or ewaoks. Holistic Puppy Care Hybrid designer puppy dog breeder References
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Our Fosters & Donations

Donation Puppies!
One puppy from each litter (Pick Of The Litter!)
is donated to a disabled child free of charge!

Yorkies Excluded

Teddy Bears are bred for their temperament, unlike most small dogs these days they are not high strung, and only bark occasionally when playing or if a stranger comes in your home unannounced.

Teddy bears were originally bred for handicapped children, so they could hug and squeeze them with out getting a nip and struggle and instead get licks and love in return.

Teddy bears have a rag doll feel to them, they're hair comes in ether very soft and curly or a strait airy silky type, both hair types are very nice to the feel of them, unlike any dog you may have petted in the past. They are also virtually hypoallergenic, and extremely affectionate.

Teddy bears can learn tricks, and love to show off, they are great with people and love other pets,they like playing catch, love swimming and chasing people to lick them like crazy.

Teddy bears are always growing hair, so you can try many styles with them, there is the teddy cut (trim 3-4 inches all the way around) and classy cut (cutting hair short expect on ears and tail with feathered feet) among many others, try your own new ideas, its OK it'll grow back!

They also look adorable in outfits, and they don't mind prancing around in them ether, they are unlike any other dog and will cause attention wherever they Rome.

Teddy Bears adore there owners, they sit and watch for your expressions, shoot they like just to sit there and give you love eyes all day! They love to sleep with there owners, and are always flopping around on you and licking you, my teddy's wait for me to open my eyes then go nuts flopping all over me and licking me every morning, i love waking up to their extremely soft fur all over me every morning.

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More About Our Teddy Bears
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Information about zuchons, shichons, teddy Bears, micro yorkies & ewoaks.

There is a lot of controversy and misguided information online about teacup dogs.

The thing is, its all true! WHAT! Well, to an extent.

You see there are breeds who have a gene that stunts the size of the dog, and there are runts.
Also there different variations of the smaller structure genealogy.

Take the poodle for instants, they have teacup poodles, that are just the smaller variation of the toy poodle, perfectly healthy, but cannot be bred.

Why cant they be bred? Well they do not have the many generations behind them supporting that gene, such as the Yorkie dose.

Also you must be careful that you do not buy a runt, lots of breeders well sell a runt as a teacup. always ask the parents size.

A true teacup has generations of the smaller structured genes along the blood line.

They are just as healthy as the big ones. but of course sense they are smaller they can easy get hurt if stepped on, or played ruffly, These are not dogs for young children.

Now what about the Micro?
Well teacups are many, many generations in to breeding but the micro just started, branched out and through the teacup Yorkie genealogy.

Teacups are 5-4 pounds, where a micro is 3 and under. and again, please make sure you do not buy a runt! Runt do tend to have alot of health problems, and sometimes can catch up in growth any how.



True TeddyBear Puppies

True Teddy Bear Puppies, Watch them play and grow, Weekly Photos and Videos!

Hybrid Shichon Nursery
"Teddy Bear Puppies"

The Daddy & The Mommies!

Learn more about the sire of our Designer Teddy Bear Puppies, watch him sneak off into the lake we live on and go swimming.

Mediterranean Sire, Shi-chon & TeddyBear Dams

The Puppy Process!

Both the Bichon and the Shih Tzu are very social dogs, and the mix is every bit as social. To learn more about these rag doll babies and the in depth development ...

Puppy Process ?


What do you guarantee? Why are the female shichons more? how much is shipping?
and other answers...

FAQ's About Our Teddy Bears

Humane Center Fostering

We are happy to announce that we are foster parents of the HUMANE SOCIETY in Montgomery Tx, want to see our fosters get well and go home?

Our Fosters

About Us

Our Teddy Bear Puppys are family raised, they are excellent with children, and are very well socialized..

About Us & our Hybrid Shichons


See puppies from each bloodline, parents photos, & more....

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If you have any questions About our Teddy Bear Puppies or for any reason,

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