Who We Are


We are not a kennel! This is a hobby and passion of mine, and my children. Our IDCR Ewoak puppies are family raised, The litters always are raised in my home, in my room. The puppies stay in one of two nurseries i have built.

One Nursery, which is a walk in closet converted right by my bed room door, with a soft light for there newly opening puppy eyes. Then Once they are 3-4 weeks they are moved to a play pin i put in my room, (Shown below). Once they are ready, they are free to roam my room with a baby gate. with supervised visits to the yard. The parents sleep in my bed, and have full run of the house and yard.

AKC PARTI Yorkshire Terriers! The American Biewer Yorkshire Terrier

Our Parti Colored Puppies are excellent with children, and are very well socialized. As you can imagine, by the time we give up our Parti Yorkshire Terriers puppies, we have invested a lot of time and love into them, now comes the hard part letting go.

We do not carry nor believe in the concepts of a puppy mill or pet stores, we want to make sure our Parti puppies are cared and loved for the rest of there lives. We hope to receive news of our puppies as they grow, photos, letters, exc. We also are there for them for when questions or trouble arises, don’t hesitate to call for any reason, potty training, cutting toe nails, your first litter, exc.

If for any reason you cannot keep your Parti Puppy years from now we well help you find a new home, or if worse comes to worse, bring the Puppy back into ours.

We offer great support as long as your pup lives. So please use it. When you buy a puppy from us you become our extended family.

Our puppies have healthy family lines, and are guaranteed. We give them lots and lots of love from the moment they are born so you get um extra affectionate and really floppy!

We also have a development process, we work on from the day they are born. Derived from such elements as, child stimulation, eye coordination, physical development, socializing and more. Please click on a puppy’s photo in the nursery and look under
UPDATE: to see the process laid out during there weekly photos and videos!

We also are Proud Sponsors of many programs, We use APCA carriers/Toys, Help/Foster Abused or Needy animals, We run a Teddy Bear Puppy Donation Program for handicapped or ill children. Help walk parents through on how to get there school more active in the child’s development. Run a support group out here in Montgomery texas, and offer discounts for shelter adoptions and volunteer services.

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Our Vet

16495 Hwy 105 West
Montgomery, TX 77356


After over viewing countless Veterinary clinics, and reviewing them inside and out. From the morals they stand by and the care they invest into each beloved pet among other aspects. We have finally decided on a permanent Veterinarian.

We have chosen Lake Country because they have by far exceeded our expectations, We had heard of them through a neighbor when we were fostering a lost dog, she told me this vet would check for a chip free of charge and also takes in homeless animals and adopts them out.

When we had arrive we automatically felt at peace, its wooded landscaping and very earth bound construction (instead of the icy cold architect of most vets) made us feel comfortable at the get go. We were still jumping from vet to vet at the time, I wanted a moral bound but professional vet and it was a hard find.

So at once we decided this maybe the right place. As i waited for my first visit with Dr. Rolf Lippke over a Rescue Yorkie i was waiting to have a surgery with, i had noticed an older lady coming in with a bichon who had lots of serous problems. The staff greeted her with the utmost respect, and they had been carrying a tab for her due to the extreme expenses of her older dogs illnesses. I went to talk to the staff, and found out they had a good moral standing with the community and did carry from time to time during hardships, however this had put a great strain on the clinic so they had to stop doing so, but in all reality still do from time to time giving the situation.

During our next few visits with Dr. Keith French (Who is our chosen Vet) We had taken puppies in for health certificate’s. He did a very through job, even though the certificate dose not require it he checked for heart murmurs, and skeletal defects, and much more in depth overview. So not only did i find a very moral and professional Vet But a very Honest and caring one as well.

The prices are also VERY reasonable, and with no hidden charges! They also well tell you if, you can administer the treatment and show you how, or if you can buy the needed supplies or medications from the store!!!!

This is a one of a kind vet, if your looking for a vet i would strongly suggest coming here, if your not local try to find one who has the same qualities.

Now days a lot of vets are like mechanics, and its hard to find the right guy for the job, but if you just take the time, do the research needed and then try a few visits till you find the right one, it will pay off in the long run.

God Bless