What Are TeddyBears?

Shih Chons, Shi-Chons, and Zu-Chons are all the Shih Tzu Bichon Frise mix.
True Teddy Bears, however have Bichon-poo and shih tzu.

Teddy Bears are bred for their temperament, unlike most small dogs these days they are not high strung, and only bark occasionally when playing or if a stranger comes in your home unannounced.

Teddy bears were originally bred for handicapped children, so they could hug and squeeze them with out getting a nip and struggle and instead get licks and love in return.

Teddy bears have a rag doll feel to them, they’re hair comes in ether very soft and curly or a strait airy silky type, both hair types are very nice to the feel of them, unlike any dog you may have petted in the past. They are also virtually hypoallergenic, and extremely affectionate.

Teddy bears can learn tricks, and love to show off, they are great with people and love other pets,they like playing catch, love swimming and chasing people to lick them like crazy.

Teddy bears are always growing hair, so you can try many styles with them, there is the teddy cut (trim 3-4 inches all the way around) and classy cut (cutting hair short expect on ears and tail with feathered feet) among many others, try your own new ideas, its OK it’ll grow back!

They also look adorable in outfits, and they don’t mind prancing around in them ether, they are unlike any other dog and will cause attention wherever they Rome.

Teddy Bears adore there owners, they sit and watch for your expressions, shoot they like just to sit there and give you love eyes all day! They love to sleep with there owners, and are always flopping around on you and licking you, my teddy’s wait for me to open my eyes then go nuts flopping all over me and licking me every morning, i love waking up to their extremely soft fur all over me every morning.