Puppy Care

Feeding Routine

When you pick up your puppy they will be eating dry dog food that is left out at all times for treats you can give them Honeycomb cereal. (the honeycomb cereal is not the mainstay of your pups diet, it MUST eat dog food) Sometimes puppies are very nervous in their new homes and don’t want to eat the dry food, so give them a tablespoon three times a day of Canned Pedigree Lamb and Rice puppy food along with the dry food (canned food must be kept in the refrigerator) Make sure you see your puppy eating!

First Day or Two

Your puppy may be a bit nervous (doesn’t know you, away from his normal surroundings) Nervousness or change of diet and water may cause diarrhea. Not eating for the first day. VERY IMPORTANT!!!! If your new pup will not eat in the first day after getting him home doing the feeding routine above, you will have to Force Feed your pup Gerber baby food chicken, mixed with waffle syrup by a syringe, or (spoon) starting with small amounts 3 cc’s at a time) into the far back corner of the pups mouth. The pup can eat 15-20cc’s at one serving, 3-4 times a day, or (2) jars of baby food daily) Usually they start eating in a day or two.


Very small toy breeds are prone to Hypoglycemia if they don’t eat or skip a meal or get stressed. Hypoglycemia symptoms are white gums, rolled eyes, inability to stand up straight and seizures. The small breeds can get hypoglycemia overnight (most common time) Small pups don’t eat a lot at a time, and can get very sick if they stop eating. It is important they are given food and fresh water all the time, never restrict food. When in their kennel keep food and water attached to the crate.

Hypoglycemia can also occur when a puppy gets stressed out (example over handling) and their blood sugar can dip below normal. Should your puppy become hypoglycemic a quick does of honey, waffle syrup or Nutrical should put the blood sugar levels close to normal. Place the puppy in a warm place and within 10-20 minutes the pup will be back up. This is a warning that your puppy is not getting enough to eat or too much activity.

*Also Teacup pet owners who syringe feed their new tiny puppy for the first several days (under 2lb puppy) about 15-20ccs, 3-5 Times A Day, don’t have a low Blood Sugar problem. Take a jar of Gerbers chicken baby food, and squirt and amount of about a teaspoon of waffle syrup into the jar and mix it up and us this in the syringe.

New owners who do not take precautions can end up paying many $$$ to a vet and some even end up losing their new puppy. The above is for information purposes only and not intended in any was as a substitute for Veterinarian care or advice. It is also not meant to frighten you, but prepare you in the case that Hypoglycemia occurs. It is one of the most common puppy ailments in Tiny under 2lb pups, that can easily be prevented by using this information. Once a puppy is 2. lbs or 6 months which ever comes first they normally have grown out of this.