Let The Love Shine

First Donation Child

When i had heard of a breed that the hybrid latter was derived from a focus group in mind of handicapped children, i had saved up the money for my sons Teddy Bear.

My son who has both ADHD and a neurological disorder similar to ashinbergers. He has a lot of social problems at school, and he needed desperately some one to confine in besides just his mommy.

Also with the stress of the behavior modification we work on together, and the vegan diet we are on together. He just needed something extra for him. I’m vegan for moral reasons, him, well it helps his behavior and logical thinking process by 10 fold. To him its no fun, he wants candy and junk food like all the other kids.

Once we had our first teddy bear, just as many of my adopters notice, when he had picked up his new puppy and held tight, it didn’t nip like most small dogs, or struggle. It just licked him and laid his head on my sons shoulders.

Also my son is a very touchy child, as most abstract thinking children, and loved the long soft fur, the pattern of the fur also caught his attention, which was great to have him look at what he was touching, instead of looking out to space.

Rover sleeps with him every night to this day, and cant wait for him to get home. After what i had witnessed, i was not about to keep them to my self and was on the search for a smaller teddy bear for mommy’s purse.

Once i started breeding i started donating free puppies to children who are like Morris and have other handicaps, unfortunately though with the care and developments i invest in each puppy, my dogs, fosters and other discounts and programs i run with the funds. I couldn’t afford but to donate one teddy a litter, and we only have two teddy bears, so the list is quite long.

I urge other breeders of teddy bears and other handicapped based breeds to donate just one pup every litter to a child in need. I am a work at home Mother building websites, EnoxxDesign.com because i have to be on call for my son, If i can do it raising three children there is no excuse for anyone else not too.

Out of every TeddyBear, Shicon AKA Zuchon and Hybrid Ewoak litters benefits children/adults/individuals with disabilities. Unfortunately since we also put a lot of the funds back into the care and preparation of each puppy and also foster victimized animals and must pay for there healing process and care for them to be adopted out, and have other programs, we can only offer one pup out of every one of maisys litters. If you know a child who you think maybe considered for one of these free puppies please fill out the waiting list below. The child donation puppys are 100% FREE the parent will only pay shipping if needed. Not everyone is accepted and you must be the caretaker or parent of the child. You must show proof of the disabilty, we run into alot of Cons, also proof of income and expense, ex. The puppys come with the full package just as the paid puppies come with, We used to allow Donated puppies to pick first, however now we hand select the puppy by a process which would best match the puppy to the child’s┬áneeds.