Chi-Ewoak as Puppies

Chi-Ewoaks Look Like As Adults

Working on second unrelated line for females/males
F1 split AmberWaves/Blues generation ready in two months

Mother is Amber Parti..Ewoak

Her Pups will be breed to  Dragon For F2 Next Year – Chi-Ewoak

“Family Network is working on imported unrelated lines for F2 Breeding pairs.”
Updates Soon   F2 generation line up will be ready next year. with unrealated f2 line update soon.


Waiting List For F2 Pups Of Blues Parti&Tri’s, & Amber Tri’s/Waves
First f1 line is ready in four months born in two months

Full Cost of Breeding Pair w Full Reg $10,000
$5000,00 Each Deposit of $1000.00 after two week new born hold

Acceptations Based by Program, and wait Period.
Second F2 Pair will not be ready till next year