Baby Steps, Puppy Development

Behavioral genetics is the field of biology that studies the role of genetics in animal (including human) behavior. The field is an overlap of genetics, and psychology. Classically, behavioral geneticists have studied the inheritance of behavioral traits.
Key Factors are biological variation, behavioral genetics, intelligence, environmental contributions and individual variation.

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At the end of each week during the first three weeks, We give them each an olive oil treatment, this is just like baby oil, but more natural, for the skin and coat.

At this time they are just feeling around and growing.
We give them stimuli about three times a day, by picking them up, rubbing our face on them, petting their backs, this help associate human smells with positive stimuli.
We also are talking to them, so they know human voices, this will help them pick up commands when older.

As far as development, they are scooting around and beginning to build there muscles, they lift the head and look towards a sound.
We are now putting them on different textured blankets, this stimulates the nerves in there feet and skin. To enhance balance, and play. We also tickle them and scratch there butts, to get a little more personal with them, to enhance a bonding emotion in them young.
We are also altering the lights, we had a soft light in the room, for the development of the eyes, were now switching once a day to an energy saver bulb, which isn’t as hard a common bulb, when there eyes open we wont use ether for three days and just let some natural light flow in, then we will go to soft bulb for a day then the energy saver bulb switch again for at least a week. This well help them be able to focus there eyes quicker. It also enhances night vision, and makes the eyes with proper deit very healthy, long term.

At this time we aren’t focusing on the development,
we are only focusing on the socializing,
they have just opened there eyes, and we want the eyes as there ajusting to see us, we give them tons of petting, and rub our fingers around the cheeks to get them to play a bit with us, there ears are opening too so we have started calling them by name.

Now is the time to mail your puppy’s toy! That you carry around for a few days, the puppy will familiarize your scent with the toy and when he or she sees you they will wrap there little paws around you!
We are socializing, and working with the eyes, getting them to follow and look in different directions to strengthen the eye muscles, we are also grooming them so they don’t have to look through the fur, the fur causes there eyes to be opposite of cross eyed, our pups are corrected at this young age to have normal looking and functioning eyes, PLEASE keep there eyes groomed once you have them so our work isn’t for nothing.
Next Week we will be starting up the senses stimulus.
The Hair has just started to grow, and the puppies have just started to play, they also have just started to eat, we only give them smashed up beef stew at this time so its like a thick liquid made from peas, carrots, beef and water cooked overnight.
During this week we also bring in the litter box, We introduce the litter box this week then puppy pads around six weeks, However its still hit and miss, some get it right away, some don’t by the time you bring them into your home, but we give you all the necessary information to ether pad, litter box, out door or leash train them, so when they come into your home you can finish what we have started.

Please note: The eye exercises are not to clear a genetic defect from our lineages, our lineages come from healthy dogs.
But are actually something I had come up with.

My sons had lazy or crossed eyes as babies, doctor Siegel from pacific eye institute had shown me exercises to do with them to correct this. When I volunteered at the human centers before I even had these dogs I noticed the way furry dogs had developed an opposite look to the crossed eyes. Due to looking around there fur. This has developed over years and years of breeding the fuzzier dogs in many breeds.
Well I didn’t like it and thought if I kept the face groomed and did the eye exercises dr Siegel showed me for my children I could correct it. Come to find out not only dose it correct it, but if you do it while they are young, they grow to have gorgeous eyes, ( See my photo page ).
Once you receive a puppy the exercises are no longer needed, just keeping the face groomed.

We are Working on the floppytizing, working on the eyes and working with the senses, We give them different taste of safe organic foods, such as honey, Banana Chips, beef broth, beef soup paste (home made), and other foods, just a drop. This well give them a strong gut able to also absourb a a variety of nutrients. We are also now taking them to the yard, there eyes are adjusting to sun light, and we are giving them different things to smell, flowers, bugs, our cat, grass, rocks ex..

They are very play full now, and wake up in a hurry when I say “puppy!” they lick you, gnaw on you, cry for you, I even cuddle them in the bed and they fall asleep with there little noses snuggle up to you. They already have a strong attachment to people.


We are working on motor skills, and listening skills,
we have them run up and down stairs with us. and follow the puppy noise. We also hide and yell puppy so they can find us. we also use a cream rub on the feet, but theres no real reason except they like it, it may have its benefits to the pads.
The puppies are very active now, and the hair is coming in.
They are also teething on pig ears and beef sticks.

Potty Training Using puppy Pads, and playing out side one hour after feedings. Fun and games. They learn action words like Wanta Go, Puppy, and a few others which we have been doing, but besides that it all about the human bond.
From here out we do photos through email by request, From this point on the development is the same as this week, and as a single mom running cub scouts, raising puppies and children, and the community involvements and fosters and other tasks and projects, i just need a bit of a rest, updating takes at least four hours, Mondays are hectic as it is, but i have no problems sending a photo, also depending on development of the puppy some local pick ups are at the end of eight weeks, so just about nine weeks old. so this time is busy, due to prepping for transfer, We need to keep the puppy separated from the pack for a day, so being away from mom isn’t as painful, also they need a last deworm, and pest control for the ride home as well as a bath and fluff and the package prearrangement.

Please Keep your new puppy’s development in mind!
We supply you with TONS of information on CD with your puppy package, We also supply you with life time support for any reason at all! So you have more then enough to continue working on your puppy’s development, please please do so, we put alot of work into these guys and love them very much, please continue offering them this advantage and great aspect to there life.
Also Keep them Active! Walk and play with your new puppy. A dog can become depressed if forgotten, and its just unhealthy all together. Please take care of your new puppy, we are here for you life long for any questions, so please don’t hesitate! We care about all puppies, so even if they aren’t ours please don’t hesitate to call or email for any reason!