Tiny Enough and Loving Enough For A TODDLER!

Ewoak’s Come in MICRO, TEACUP, and TINY TOY SIZES!

The personality these dogs have developed is from careful selection of breeds. The teddy Bear who was originally bred for handicap children, so not to nip or struggle with such children as Autism and ADHD. and the ever playful and super personality of the Yorkie. Combined give you a puppy who is both floppy, cuddly, relaxed, and playful with tons of personality!

They are also Home Raised, So they have consent human affection!
We stimulate there Senses, Smell, Hearing and agility. Also work on the human bond, so even though the breed is very active, ours are the most cuddly and Floppy you can get!

What is the difference between a Ewoak and a Shorkie?

Well of course Ewoaks are harder to breed, because of the breeds involved, so they are very very very rare.
But the most impressive thing about the Ewoak besides its full, long soft fluffy hair and the Amazing Tri-Colors,  are temperament and personality.


Family Home Raised Babies!

All our dogs are indoor pets, A Family Home, We do not carry Our Ewoak Puppies all the time.
But do offer a free notification list on our contact page so you can be notified when your litter of choice is on the way, and when the puppies are born.


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